Haworth Software

Hotel Management System

To view management site, login using Username: hmanager Password: hmanager

Reservation System

The reservation system can be used online by potential customers or internally by staff or a combination of the two. Reservations are directly linked to billing based on a dynamic pricing model that is set up by the administration. Prices can be left static or adjusted based on any criteria that management chooses.

Unit Management System

Unit management consists of the internal processes that must take place after a stay, such as housekeeping and maintenance. Unit management can be expanded to include inspections or any other particular service that needs to be set up. For the purpose of this application demo, only housekeeping and maintenance are shown.

Multiple User Permissions

Employees are the backbone of your business. The users and permissions of this site allow each person to focus on their particular area of service. Pages or tasks can be shown by user, department, or user permission, the design is up to management.